Our mission: "Make Marketers Happy"

Founded by a passionate marketing native, we thrive to bring an automated marketing software that transforms enterprise data into decisions in marketing related fields to help your business build strategies for growth and expansion.

In XXI Century DATA is the engine of trade! Transform your Enterprise data into winning decisions with Happy Marketer.

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Global Marketing Solutions OÜ is happy to announce the start of the Beta test this month! We successfully signed an agreement with a large European Manufacturer and are ready to kick off the test. We will be running a test till the end of November and upon completion we will share the results with our audience. Stay tuned for the updates!

If your company owns market research data and would like to discover an innovative methodology for new product launch – you are welcome to join our beta test! Send inquiries regarding the test opportunities for your company at info@gms-ai.com

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This week internet portal bel.biz published an interview with our interim CTO Vitaly Zdanevich - "In a day with Marketegy, a specialist can do the same amount of work that he does today in two months." How a startup Global Marketing Solutions OÜ can help automate work of marketers.

Bel.biz is a website about business, startups and innovations.

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CEO and CTO of Marketegy

Are you a software developer that is hungry for learning? We are glad to announce that our full-stack developer and interim Chief Technological officer Vitaly Zdanevich will be a speaker at a meetup at MinskJS dedicated to the most popular programming language Javascript.

Please come to hear Vitaly’s lecture on February 13th in Minsk, Belarus.

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Minsk JS

GMS is proud to announce that Taras Danylov joined our dynamic team as Senior Front End developer.

Taras holds a degree in Computer Software Engineering and has 5+ years experience in design and development of software.

Taras Danylov

GMS participated in Global Ventures Summit 2019 in Luxembourg and our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar pitched our idea to Mr. Xavier Bettel, the prime minister of Luxembourg.

Xavier Bettel

We are very proud to announce that Global Marketing Solutions OÜ will be exhibiting at this year Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal (Nov., 4-7). Our CEO Vitaliy Sichkar will be presenting our platform “Happy Marketer”.

"The best technology conference on the Planet" - Forbes.

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Photo from Websummit

Our Product


We offer an automated marketing platform ("Happy Marketer") that enables data driven decision making processes: qualitative, comprehensive and fast.

1Manage full spectrum of marketing and sales activities from line up creation to strategy

2Platform that proposes solutions based on processing and analysis of the data

3Centralized system that helps to secure and reinforce cross-regional alignment

Value to Customers


Marketing platform that saves up to 50% of costs on infrastructure


Recommended solutions 10 times faster compared to regular processes


5x time more qualitative data-driven decision making processes

We offer solutions for

Consulting Groups

We consider Consulting Groups as potential reliable Partners as our Platform will help them not just define quicker hidden opportunities or root causes, but will be an excellent solution which support their Customers to establish right decision making process and the routine.


International Corporations

Our Platform will become indispensable instrument to manage all Corporate complexity, growing dataflow and analytics that will lead Companies to a new era of decision making, process management and efficiency of the business



Our Product will become a vital tool for Retailers that will help to define efficient product matrix, gaps, process analytical market data and track ROI of the promos.


Medium Size Companies

”Happy Marketer” will let Medium Size companies feel what it means to be big. The tool will bring high standards to marketing and sales areas of the enterprise and help to become as effective as possible.



Great businesses start with a great idea. Let’s have a look how it all began for Global Marketing Solutions.

Our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar talks about how it all started.

If you want to succeed in your business you need to make better decisions than your competitors. What will help your business make better decisions?

Our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar has an answer to this fundamental question.

Global Marketing Solutions wants to make marketers happy.

Our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar talks about our mission.

We often hear a question about competitors of Global Marketing Solution and we have an answer.

Our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar explains how we are going to compete.

Our founder and CEO Vitaliy Sichkar represented Global Marketing Solutions OÜ at Web Summit and got great reviews from participants of the summit.

We had numerous people stopping by at our stand and we captured their feedback. Take a look at the video.

Our Team

Vitaly Sichkar

Vitaly Sichkar

Anna Hendrix-Semenova

Anna Hendrix-Semenova

Elena Nikolayenko

Elena Nikolayenko

Vitaly Zdanevich

Vitaly Zdanevich

Maxim Prihodko

Maxim Prihodko

UI/UX Designer
Taras Danylov

Taras Danylov

Frontend Engineer

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